Petite NC in Gold Filled Material- Heart over the Triangle, Central NC

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Petite NC Necklace: The most popular size of the NC Necklace

Hand sawed from a sheet of gold filled material with a hand cut heart. Gold Filled is different from Gold Plated. It is more durable because it has more gold over a brass and silver core. The surface is scuffed for a matte finish, but the chain shines nicely.  The loops that hold the state on the chain are soldered, making it extra easy to wear all the time.  Over time, the state may darken slightly, but it will not corrode or peel. 

The NC pendant measures 1 1/2 inches wide and little more than 1/2 inch at widest part. Attached to gold filled chain with two soldered loops, it is 17.5 inches long in total length.

Gold filled chain and soldered loops, spring ring clasp, all materials are Made in the USA.